Shanghai, is perfect regardless what kind of tourist you are, Here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Shanghai, China for your next #wanderlust location.

For the foodie


Credits PixaBay

Food, glorious food. Shanghai, is definitely a food heaven for all foodies. Eateries are conveniently located everywhere, providing a wide array of cuisines. From grilled squid (¥5) by the roadside, small eateries that serve fresh, steamy Xiao Long Baos (soup dumplings) (¥20) to Michelin 3 star restaurants along the Bund, there is always something for that foodie in Shanghai. Before you eat your heart out though, do note that hygiene standards might not be on par. Even though street hawkers offer tasty food at affordable prices, do patronize eateries with customers already seated in so that you know that the food is safe for consumption.

For the fun lovers

Credits Happy Valley Theme Park

Planning a fun day out? Look no further! Covering more than 863,500 square metres (213.4acres) of land, this massive amusement park located in Song Jiang district consists of seven major areas, each with different themed zones. If you enjoy the rush of adrenaline while screaming your lungs out on roller coasters, this amusement park is definitely your thing. It has 7 exclusive roller coasters within the park, and is definitely not for the faint hearted. Besides riding their famous roller coasters, they also have other land and water rides for all ages.

For the Disney fanatics

Credits : Shanghai Disneyland Park

Disney fanatics, you can now have your “happily ever after” dream come true at the new Shanghai Disneyland Park. June 16 onwards, you will be able to create your own magical experience at the 11-acre Gardens of Imagination, taking that #instagramworthy selfie in front of the Enchanted Storybook Castle, which is also the world’s largest and tallest Disney castle. Also, rejoice! Tickets are also significantly cheaper at the new Shanghai Disneyland Park. Selling at ¥370 per adult ticket, it is comparatively cheaper than the decade old Hong Kong Disneyland which charges HKD$539 for a ticket.

For the sightseers

Credits: Shanghai Metro

If getting on a guided tour to regular tourist areas is not to your liking, why don’t you explore Shanghai in the most cost effective way- via the public transport system? All you really need for moving around is just the mighty Shanghai Public Transportation Card, which is readily available at most stations. Get ready to explore Shanghai just like how the locals do. Plan the places you want to visit beforehand and always have a map on hand and have a bottle of water for hydration. Particular train stations have tourist deals depending on the season, so be sure to carry your passport around to be eligible for the deals. This ¥9 ticket spent on a one-day subway ticket is definitely going to be much more worth it than staying on a tour bus all day long.

For the art buffs

Credits: Tian Zi Fang

For all the art buffs, this place is just right for you. Visit Tian Zi Fang (www.tianzifang.cn) , the funky place with artsy handicraft shops, art galleries in Hutong-like houses. Here, you will find places with designer eateries, bars, themed cafes and local art galleries. This is, Clarke Quay lined with museums. Have a freshly brewed coffee on hand and slowly explore the nooks and crannies of this interesting place. It is highly recommended to visit in the morning or the late evening, where different crowds hang out together. Do not be surprised to discover laundry (lingerie) overhead as you walk. While Tian Zi Fang is now known as a tourist attraction, it is still a residential area with families still living within.

Stay Tuned to find out more places in Part 2!