Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must and strongly recmmended with respect to such areas as trip cancellation,personal baggage,personal accident,injury & illness.Under no circumstances is The Company to be construed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of passenger or his/her baggage & belonging.Our staff will be pleased to assist in the enquiries of any travel insurance .

Eastern Holiday is an official insurance agent of AIG,we can issue worldwide travel insurance immediately,contact us if you need more information.

旅游保险是必须的.旅游保险在旅程取消、 个人行李、 个人意外、 损伤与疾病等方面可提供采取措施和保障。在任何情况下,旅游保险的说明与责任权属于保险公司,与本公司无关。我们的工作人员将乐意帮助您咨询任何旅行保险信息。

东方假期可以随时签发美国国际集团 (AIG)全球旅游保险。如果您需要更多的信息,请立即与我们联系。

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